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I've been talking you since the first time you said hello, first i thought mmm he just going to talk with me today and tomorrow he is not going to remember me any more :/ , i always felt that i'm lower than others although people believe i'm happy outside and inside, but that's no who i am . Once when we were talking that i don't have self esteem because my psychologist said it and i believed that i was broke within, you said something like "Believe it or i hit you", it was amused and i said ok ok i believed it, but inside of me i didn't thought like that, well then we start talking frequently, i never expect that and i started thinking that maybe it was destiny...
We talked about what we do and all that things that people talk when they meet but them i felt a strange connection between us, "You are my clone or I'm your clone?", that was what i wrote and you wrote Yeah you're right, that was because we thing the same, we like the same, we hate chocolates..!! , we are taller than other and we are not Peruvians, and maybe we have some other things in common.
After that it was like a schedule, morning 11 am until 1 or 2 pm talking and at night 8 pm until we were sleepy.
I always have fun talking you but when i started feeling things about you in other worlds when i realized that i liked you more than a friend i thought (because i always thinking) No.! I'm going to fuck it up..!! and i didn't tell you what i really was feeling.
The day that you invited me to your house i was (i have to say the truth) i was so so so exited i wanted to see you and have to much fun with you, it was the perfect opportunity to show me the way i am, but a big and horrible misunderstanding didn't wanted that we see each other, i was super super down i thought that you never came, i waited for a hole our and i return to my house almost crying, that day i thought that i was nothing for you, that maybe you was looking for someone better, I hate to be so sentimental and dramatic, but i can't avoid it, them i wasted all my money in food, soda, candies and horrible chocolates , i was very down to eat three boxes of chocolates, and them at night we solve the "problem" and i felt better.
Now we know that we like each other, well that's what i fell and it is a sincere felling, i don't want to lost our friendship writing my feeling but i need you to read it.
First i love persons like you, i love how you make me feel, i love what you said, i love that you appear, i just love you.
I love to make you happy, i love to talk to you, i love what i'm feeling but i don't want it to disappear i want it to stay here in my heart, because feeling love inside is the best that someone could feel.
But i don't know i'm very insecure, i'm very funky i'm a stupid because i thought like i'm in a fairy tale.. well if inside my head all is a fairy tale do you going to be the prince?...


Entradas populares de este blog


¿Que me has hecho?
Negrito bello
Mueve tus caderas
Negro bello
Hazme Macumba
Házmela de nuevo
Que breva acuca
Oiga usté
Sin meme
Negro bello
¡Por usté!
Mírese esa bemba
Que si no me hace Macumba
Se la hago yo
Negrito bello

Para un viajero

Me voy volando entre la cordillera
y de entre las montañas te asomas

Seré directo
Seré sincero
Seré rápido
Seré el frío y seré la altura

Me voy congelando con la helada
y no soy directo
no soy sincero
no soy rápido
Solo soy el frío y el hielo
Por que te asomas y mi cerebro es un cubo

Viajo para encontrar
Subo a ruedas con una caja de dulces
temblando y la chalina me acompaña

¿Un metro cincuenta y algo?
Ojos inmensos
Sonrisa tímida
Mi cerebro es un cubo de hielo
mis manos tiemblan
las rodillas caen

Estoy aquí desnudo en la helada
tocando, sintiendo, acariciando tu lomo
por que bajaré en ruedas pensando
pensando en un viajero
que se llevo mis dulces
y ahora  estoy con la caja vacía
con la chalina y el cerebro helado

La helada ya se va
y el viajero en las nubes cruza

Soy directo
Soy sincero
soy rápido
Soy el frió y la helada
Y el sube y baja de las calles.


Hoy pensé por un momento en mañana me vi mirándote, me vi tocándote, me vi pintándote, me vi a tu lado. Hoy pensé en mañana y me asusté me asusté de no encontrarte me asuste de no verte, de no tocarte, de no pintarte, de no estar a tu lado me vi hablándote  y  me asusté de ver que no me mirabas Hoy mi mente se lleno de miedos se lleno de llanto se lleno de sueños donde no te encuentro y enloquezco pero  Hoy quiero  Mañana quiero y Por siempre quiero verte, tocarte, pintarte, hablarte y mirarte, soñarte y encontrarte y llorarte que hoy, mañana y siempre  te querré de compañero.